Daatchi Conceptual Art & Photography

Specialising in high end conceptual art and photography , tailored to suit your needs. Categories include architecturally designed and industrial buildings, hotels, bed and breakfasts, pubs, restaurants, food and drink, portraits and weddings, paintings and art pieces, drones, stills and videos.

Commercial Photography

Studio photography doesn’t just need to exist in a sterile studio environment. Combining scenes from the endless backdrops that the world supplies, available light sources and studio white light flash allows Daatchi to paint with light. These exciting available coloured light sources combined with white flash lead to a highly creative interesting way and still show the product off.

Property & Architecture Photography

The correct image will draw a person to look further, there is no doubt about this. Daatchi has specialized in Architecture and property for 25 years. Great care is taken to showcase the respective property. Light source is key to a successful dramatic image. Even in the rain Daatchi is able to capture the drama of the moment.

Portraits & Wedding Photography

There are many facets to photographing people and animals successfully. Each person and animal has a set of traits, characteristics and mannerisms  totally unique to any other individual. The difference between a standard portrait and a great portrait is the ability to recognise these traits, finding a memorable, quirky and beautiful set of photographs connecting and belonging to the timeless moment.

Landscape Photography

Daatchi has a passion for landscape photography enabling her to depict the ever changing moods of the environment and weather.

Drone Photography

Daatchi drone photography gets up close and personal to its subject matter that it is photographing from the sky above. There is way more to drone photography than mere rooftops. Carefully crafted and directed images are choreographed to show case a building. Licensed pilot, insurance, permissions in place always  as safety is essential to Daatchi.

Conceptual Art

Daatchi art, always challenging perspectives, outlooks, theories, stories and expectations.  Artist: Phillips Hurst. See ‘Shopfront’  @  https://phillipshurst.com/  – a body of art about how the advertisers and advertising companies drive their products to make the world look inviting and fresh.

Original High End
Conceptual Art & Photography

“The photograph bears witness to
a human choice being exercised in a given situation.
A photograph is a unique vehicle which can isolate and perpetuate a moment in time.”

John Burger

Daatchi is a photographic and art company living and working in Kent, offering high end photography designed and tailored to suit your requirements. Persian rugs, products, property, architecture, paintings, jewelry, portraits, weddings, and much more!

Daatchi has twenty five years of experience in her field can handle your job with ease.

In creating a successful shoot regardless of the subject matter, preproduction is key. Daatchi will be able to advise you what would be required to produce stunning photos during you photography session. Daatchi will not only tell you what you want to know, but can also show you what you didn’t know that you needed.

All photography sessions are of equal importance and are styled and created to suit the brief. 

Daatchi’s post production studio specialises in proper treatment of the photographic raw file. Working in layers, balancing highlights and shadows making sure that there is detail in all areas of the final digital print. Creating true crisp high resolution images.

Traveling in and around Kent, Surrey, Essex and greater London is part of our service, and all other destinations will be considered. 

Please call for a quote or enquire on +44 075 3443 0864

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Genres of Daatchi Photography

Property & Architecture



Drone Photography


Portraits & Wedding


From our clients

This is to confirm that Carol Philips did professional photography for our company for some 20 odd years.  Our company insists on the highest quality photography from a professional such as Carol.  Her standards were always set at the highest bar, she has a good eye for staging her pictures and the quality and light are always good.  We receive a lot of praise from our clients for the quality of her work.  I would highly recommend her.

Rosalie J

Property Specialist, Pam Golding, Simon's Town

Since I met Carol Phillips-Hurst in 2005, I was privileged to follow her journey, passion and enthusiasm for art and photography!  Carol’s effortless ability, personal integrity and exceptional flexibility to take our family portraits with a toddler and our animals, are still respected and cherished by anyone who sees them.  The same goes for the collections of signed photos she put together for major clients of our company, Mr Office.  Carol’s outgoing and amiable demeaner adds to understand the journey she takes you on with every creation, exceeding every client’s expectations!

Lita J

As a real estate agent, I have loved working with Carol. She is always professional, reliable and has a superb eye! Without fail, her photographs always gets the phone ringing on our listings.


Real Estate Agent, Kalk Bay, Pam Golding

Being an international model who has worked with the best, I have found Carol’s work to be outstanding – she’s rated amongst the top photographers in the world!

Richard S

Model / Actor

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